Once again, the Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour is at Unusual Historicals, this time for a Q&A, and of course, the THIEVES’ QUARRY giveaway.  Leave a comment or ask a question on the post and you’ll be entered to win a signed hardcover copy of the newest book in the Thieftaker Chronicles.  So check it out and enjoy!  Here’s the link:


Today on the Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour, I am at Unusual Historicals with an excerpt from the new book, and a chance to win a free signed copy!  Follow this link to the site, and watch for the interview I’ll be doing with the good folks at Unusual Historicals this coming Sunday.

The Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour has me back at Drey’s Library today, where I am July’s featured author.  My post today is about my choice of pre-Revolutionary Boston as the setting for the books of my Thieftaker Chronicles.  Drey has been a wonderful host, and I am so grateful to her for welcoming me onto her site.  I hope that you enjoy today’s post, as well as the other posts I’ve done for her site, and I hope as well that you will enter the contest to win a Thieftaker t-shirt.

The Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour stops today at SFNovelists, the group blog I help maintain as part of a group of over 100 published authors of speculative fiction. This newest post is about the little details I like to use to help breathe life into my historical fantasy novels, the Thieftaker books (Thieftaker and Thieves’ Quarry). The post is called “The Little Details that Make Historical Fiction Come to Life.” I hope you enjoy it.

I had a fun signing last night at one of the nicest bookstores I’ve ever seen — The Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Virginia.  Kelly, the shop owner was knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly nice, and we had a small but enthusiastic group of fans show up.  Great fun.  Today I drive to Charlottesville, Virginia where I will be signing this evening at Oakley’s Gently Used Books.  Hope to see some of you there.

In the meantime, the Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour continues with a stop at the blog of Stephen Leigh.  I first met Steve years ago at RiverCon in Louisville Kentucky. We hit it off right away and have remained close friends in the years since.  Steve shares my passion for research and for writing historical fantasy, so naturally that’s what I wrote about for the post.  I hope you enjoy it.

It’s Monday, and as I roll toward Virginia to begin the Summer 2013 THIEVES’ QUARRY Signing Tour, the Summer 2013 Blog Tour rolls on as well.  I will have a post up today at the blog of my kind and talented friend, Kate Elliott, on the ins and outs of doing historical research for writing.  Kate’s blog is here.

And I will also be answering a few questions today from my friend Brandy Schillace, who I have already visited once on this year’s Blog Tour.  I am most grateful to Brandy for having me back on her site, which is here.

I hope that you will check out both posts.  And I hope to see some of you this week during the signing tour.  More from the road as it happens.

After a really fun release day for Thieves’ Quarry, and for the paperback edition of Thieftaker, I am back at work today with four stops on the Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour.

The first post is actually a short story that I co-wrote with my writing BFF and Magical Words co-founder, Faith HunterThe story can be found at Faith’s website.  It features Ethan Kaille, the hero of the Thieftaker books, and Jane Yellowrock, the star of Faith’s bestselling series, and we’re thinking very seriously of expanding it into a novella.  So check it out, and stay tuned!

The second post is actually one that was originally scheduled to go up yesterday, before life intervened.  But I finally have a post up at the blog of my wonderful friend Mary Robinette Kowal, writing about “My Favorite Bit” in Thieves’ Quarry.  “My Favorite Bit” is a feature she has been running on her site for some time now, and it was a fun post to write.

My terrific agent, Lucienne Diver is also hosting me on her site, where I am writing about writing historical fiction and using point of view to reinforce my setting.  For those interested in the craft of writing, this should be a really interesting discussion; hope to see you there.

And finally, I am interviewed today by the fabulous Drey at Drey’s Library.  I’ll be the featured author for July at the site, so this is just the first of several appearances I’ll be doing there over the next several weeks.

The Day After Release Day, and I’m still going strong.  Thanks for sharing another day with me!

At long last, release day for Thieves’ Quarry, and for the paperback edition of Thieftaker, is here!!  And the Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour continues.

And the day has begun well, with a 5 “Bat” review from All Things Urban Fantasy!

Quarry120I have several posts going up today.  The first is also at All Things Urban Fantasy, as part of their Deadly Destinations feature.  Ethan Kaille gives us a walking tour of 1768 Boston.  It was a fun post to write and I hope you enjoy it.  Plus, if you check out the post and leave a comment you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a copy of Thieves’ Quarry!

I am also at the blog of fellow writer Janice Gable Bashman, writing about “The Seam Between Fiction and History.”  Blending fictional elements with accurate historical details is not always easy, and that challenge is the subject of this post.  I think you’ll find it interesting.

A bit later today, I will be at the blog of my wonderful friend Mary Robinette Kowal, writing about “My Favorite Bit” in Thieves’ Quarry.  “My Favorite Bit” is a feature she has been running on her site for some time now, and it was another fun post to write.

And finally, I hope to finally have that post about politics, ideology, and the writer up at Aidan Moher’s “A Dribble of Ink.”  We had a bit of a mix-up yesterday, and I apologize for that.

So, there it is:  Release Day!  I’m very excited.  Thanks for sharing the day with me.

The Summer 2013 THIEVES’ QUARRY Blog Tour continues today with part II of my post on “Blending History and Fantasy.” Writing as D. B. Jackson, I began the post yesterday and in this new installment build on the discussion with an excerpt from THIEVES’ QUARRY.  You can find the post at the blog of Brandy Schillace. (Part I posted yesterday; you can find a link to that first installment at the site for part II.)


The Summer 2013 THIEVES’ QUARRY Blog Tour, continues today with a post, written as D.B. Jackson, on blending history and fiction at The Fiction Reboot, Brandy Schillace’s blog on all things writing!  The post, which is called “‘Warp and Weft’: Blending History and Fantasy,” will be posted in two parts; part two will go up on the site tomorrow.  To see today’s installment, go here.  Enjoy!


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