November Revisited

November 21, 2007

So, is it December yet?

A few days ago I was waxing poetic (or at least trying) about November’s arrival.  Today, not so much.  I should have known that it would come to this.  This morning, and into the afternoon, I raked leaves.  More accurately, I used the rake for some parts of the yard and the lawn mower for others.  Whatever.  It sucked.  

It was a lovely morning.  Mild, breezy, clear.  (It’s raining now and it’ll be getting colder tonight as the front moves through.  We’re supposed to have flurries tomorrow.)  But while I was raking it was very nice.  That didn’t really help.  And actually the breeze was the worst part of it.  Because all the while, as I was raking, and carting piles of leaves into the woods, the wind was sending more leaves down onto the lawn.  At times it was like I was in a snowglobe, but with leaves instead of the white stuff.  Actually that part of it was very cool.  So many leaves floating above me.

But at times I was literally shaking my fist at the leaves and shouting at the wind to stop. (Okay, that was mostly for my kids’ benefit — they loved it.)  I’d clear a section of the yard, and as soon as I moved on to the next, the leaves would start raining down on us again.  It was my own private Sisyphusian nightmare.

So I go inside when I’m finally done.  I’m tired, sweaty, my back is sore.  All I want is to eat something and take a nap.  And my wife — my lovely, sweet, kind wife, who isn’t nearly as funny as she thinks she is — looks out the window at the lawn and says, “So, when are you going to rake the yard…?”  Yeah, I know:  she’s exactly as funny as she thinks she is.

Don’t know if I’ll write tomorrow.  If not, I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Today’s music:  Miles (Kind of Blue)


One Response to “November Revisited”

  1. I feel your pain, but try to think of all that yard work as a free fitness routine. I’ll have to share your story with my dad – he has similar leafy weather problems, in a Texas sort of way.

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