Amid the Storms

December 13, 2007

I feel like I’m standing in the eye of a storm.  

As you grow older with your cohort of friends, you find that life events come in waves.  For a while, in the years after college, everyone was falling in love and getting married; in the year of our wedding, Nancy and I must have attended at least a dozen other weddings.  Then, a few years later, all of us started families.  Baby showers and birth announcements, brises and christenings.  And not long after, many of us began to lose our parents; sad, yes, but also to be expected.

We’ve reached a new phase now; this one’s darker, harder to accept.  All around us, it seems, couples are splitting up, and people our age are getting sick with the types of diseases that only older people are supposed to get.  It seems that now we’re older people.  And I feel like I should just keep my head down and hope that the gods take no notice of my family and me.  Is it tempting fate to acknowledge how fortunate we’ve been?  Just typing the words, I feel compelled to knock three times on my wood desk.

Within just a few years, Nancy and I, along with so many of our college and grad school friends will have kids going off to college.  Not long after that, those children will begin to marry and start families of their own.  Rites of passage; blessings to be celebrated.  But right now, at midlife, I feel like we’re just trying to weather the storms that rage all around us.

It’s grey outside, and turning colder.  And today I’m sad for my friends who are suffering.

Today’s music:  Steve Earle (Train a Comin’)


3 Responses to “Amid the Storms”

  1. Mark said

    I can empathize with your feelings. I get that way too sometimes. When I get thoughts like that, I try to find something good and positive to focus upon. I would try to help someone in need, volunteer at a shelter, or do soemthing special for a friend/loved one. The look in their eyes when you have truely helped them or made them feel truely special washes away whatever bad thoughts I had.

    On a slight tangent, I heard yesterday that Terry Pratchett has early onset alzehimers. Another favorite author, Robert Jordan, recently died of a rare blood disease. I hope that I am not bad luck to my favorite authors. If so, I would have to leave your books alone, David, since you are a great writer and one of my favorites.

  2. Frank said

    Well, I am sorry to hear about the diseases and divorces, but happy that the intro to this post was not a lead-in to a story about your own marital or physical health. I don’t think it is tempting fate, or “the gods” to be happy about your own situation. Where our bodies and our families are concerned there is much we can’t control, but there is much we can.

    And in response to Mark…
    NO!! Not Terry Pratchett!! That is terrible news!

  3. davidbcoe said

    Thanks to both of you for the comments. Yes, Robert Jordan’s death at such a relatively young age was a tragedy, and Terry Pratchett’s announcement was terribly distressing. As for the bad luck thing, Mark, let’s not even go there….

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