A New Release

January 2, 2008

David B. Coe, Weavers of War (book V of Winds of the Forelands, art by Romas)Today is the official release date for the mass market paperback edition of Weavers of War, the fifth and final book of my Winds of the Forelands series.  It should be in bookstores soon, and I expect that it’s now available from Amazon.  Yay!

As a writer, I always tend to think that my best work is my most recent book.  I’ve recently finished an initial draft of The Horsemen’s Gambit, the second volume of Blood of the Southlands, and believe that it represents some of my finest writing to date.  

That said, though, I also have favorites among my books — two to be precise — and Weavers is one of them.  It was so much fun to write.  All the threads I had been playing with throughout the first four books of the series came together just as I had hoped they would, I finally got to write all the confrontations, reconciliations, and plot twists that I had been imagining for the previous five years, and I even had a few surprises crop up, making the writing process entertaining as well as satisfying.

The hardcover was published last February, and now the paperback is out.    Hope you enjoy it!

Today’s music:  Bela Fleck (Crossing the Tracks)


One Response to “A New Release”

  1. Karen Scharff said

    David – I don’t think I ever told you how much Jonah and I liked the Weavers of War. For the same reasons you said – all the pieces coming together in a way that worked really well, but with some surprises. Of course, Jonah was very into the final battle (I’m not much of a battle fan, but even so, I found the twists and the suspense very engaging). And I was relieved that you had Grinsa leave at the end – I was hoping he wouldn’t stay and serve the Eandi.

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