Surgery on a Book

January 7, 2008

Last week, when I posted the entry about taking on that old book that I was ready to re-work, I had just started reading through the manuscript.  I finished that on Saturday.  I made some minor changes and corrections along the way, but mostly I was getting my head back into the book and the series.  I was reacquainting myself with the characters, immersing myself in the narrative, and, most of all, figuring out how I wanted to handle the changes I was contemplating.  In a way, I was prepping the manuscript for the major surgery I have in mind for it.

Today, I begin to slice it up.  Wish me luck.  (Or maybe you should save your wishes for the patient!)

BTW, in another of last week’s posts, the one about Iowa, I made some comment at the end about how I had some thoughts as to what was going to happen the night of the caucuses.  For the record, I was wrong on just about every count.  I knew which state the caucuses were in, and I could match up each candidate to his or her respective party, but beyond that I was pretty far off.  Just thought I should own up to that.

Today’s music:  Christian McBride (Gettin’ To It)


One Response to “Surgery on a Book”

  1. Tina Parker said

    As to the Iowa caucuses… I don’t know that anyone’s crystal ball was working correctly. I agree with your statement yesterday. With Obama, it is a new day in America.

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