My Young Reader

January 13, 2008

So my older daughter, who is 12 now and old enough to begin reading my books, is, in fact, doing so.  Not only that, she’s using the books (Children of Amarid, The Outlanders, Eagle-Sage —  my first series) for her reading journal for middle school humanities.  And apparently she’s not the only one in her class who’s doing so.

Mixed feelings, really.  On the one hand I’m flattered that she’d use my books.  Pretty soon she’s going to reach an age where she won’t even acknowledge that she knows me, much less that she wants anything to do with my profession.  So I’m glad she’s doing this now.  On the other hand, I keep wondering how it’s possible that she’s old enough to read my books in the first place.  I’m sorry, I seem to have misplaced a decade.  Has anyone seen it lying around somewhere?


One Response to “My Young Reader”

  1. Brian said

    My first introduction to the fantasy genre was when I was 15 or 16 a sophmore in high school. Our english class had to read The Crystal Cave, by Mary Stewart. I was hooked, and read the entire series. From there I branched out and went very deep into seclusion one summer reading many many fantasy books. Ahh, the memories.
    I wish I had started earlier.

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