Snow Day

January 17, 2008

It doesn’t take a lot of snow to convince the local powers-that-be to cancel school.  We barely got more than a dusting last night, mixed with a bit of sleet and freezing rain.  But that was enough.  Nancy and I had assumed that it would be — we’ve lived here a long time and have gotten pretty good at predicting what the county board of ed will do.  But when we went to confirm it this morning we found that our satellite TV wasn’t working.  We tried the internet, but that’s also satellite (we live out in the sticks) and it didn’t work either.  Ice on the dishes.  So much for modern technology.  We finally had to call the police.  No school for my third grader; late start at the middle school.

I hate to be one of those parents who complains about how easy kids these days have it — you know, “When I was your age we walked seven miles to school, barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways.  And we liked it, dagnabit!”  But the fact is, when I was kid, it took at least — at least — six inches of snow to get us a snow day.  True, I lived up north in NY, where we were used to snow and towns actually had snow removal equipment.  But still, this is ridiculous.  My kid’s happy to have the day off, but there is no reason they had to cancel school today.  — Sigh — My tax dollars at work…

Happy Birthday to rebel country rocker Steve Earle who is something north of 50 today.  I met him several years ago when he was living in Sewanee.  Nice guy. 

Today’s music:  Steve Earle (Guitar Town)


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