Yet Another Outrage

January 24, 2008

If you watched the Congressional Black Caucus’s Democratic Debate the other night you would have heard Hillary Clinton warning us about this.  And if you listened to NPR’s Morning Edition today, you would have heard the story from correspondent Guy Raz:

Apparently the Bush Administration and the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki are in the process of negotiating what amounts to a treaty providing for a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq.  This agreement would bind the U.S. to become engaged in military operations whenever Iraq faces external or internal threats to its security.  

The NPR article at the link given above can explain all this far better than I can.  But the most outrageous part of all this is that the Bush Administration and the Pentagon are negotiating this agreement in such a way that it technically is NOT a treaty and so requires no Congressional approval.  In essence, Bush and company are seeking to saddle his successor and all U.S. Administrations for decades to come with their Iraqi mess, and predictably, given this crowd’s past behavior, they’re sidestepping the Constitution in order to do it.  Never mind that 57% of the American public want U.S. troops home from Iraq within a year (See Rasmussen Reports polling site), this President has decided that we should have troops there on a permanent basis.  And so we will.

These people have no conscience.  They care not at all about the safety of American troops or about the international standing of our nation or even about the principles of Democracy, representative government, separation of powers, and checks and balances on which our nation was founded.  They care only for their crazed Neo-Con agenda.  I’d tell you all to call your Senators and Congressmen in protest.  But even that won’t stop them.  This is government by thuggery, rule by the deluded few.  It’s a travesty.  January 20, 2009 can’t come soon enough.

Today’s music:  Pat Metheny (Secret Story)


2 Responses to “Yet Another Outrage”

  1. Frank said

    Yep. Treaties that aren’t called treaties to go along with the civil war that isn’t called a civil war, torture that isn’t called torture, the Office of the Vice President that isn’t called part of the Executive Branch (except when that provides privileges of secrecy) the foreign occupation that was never called an occupation until after it was already securely in place, and United States Citizens that are called “Enemy Combatants”, and therefore subject to the non-torture torture.

    It’s not a war on terrorism, it’s a war on the meaning of language. A war on Truth.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Amen to all you said.

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