Stormy Tuesday

February 6, 2008

I’ll be posting a longer entry later today at  But I did want to post and say that our town came through last night’s storms in good shape.  It was a rough night in this section of the country — homes destroyed, people hurt and killed.  We were fortunate in south middle Tennessee; the worst of the storms passed to the north of us.

I was up too late watching election returns.  I went to bed just after CNN called California for Clinton and McCain.  I cast my vote for Obama, and spent much of the night rooting for him in the various races across the country.  But then I spoke to one of my brothers, who told me that he really wasn’t worrying too much about the outcomes.  He likes both Democratic candidates and believes that either one would make a strong candidate in the general election and a fine President.  Thinking about it, I realize that I’m inclined to agree.  From the start of this year’s process, the Democratic party has fielded excellent candidates.  Some didn’t catch on with voters, but just about every one of them was qualified, honorable, intelligent, and more than capable of leading our country.  Yes, the race will go on — it might even reach the convention.  But as a Democrat, I’m proud of my party this year.  And, to be perfectly honest, I can’t always say that….

Today’s music:  Stevie Ray Vaughan


2 Responses to “Stormy Tuesday”

  1. Frank said

    I am proud of my party too. (So far. They could easily still muck it up.) But I am even more proud of what we could be.

    I am glad to hear you voted for Obama. I did too, but in Marion County, where half of Monteagle is located, Obama voters were outdone about 5 to 1. Grundy County, where the other half of Monteagle is, was even more lopsided. But then again, it is still a KKK stronghold to this day, so I guess 200+ votes in the whole county was as much as could be hoped for. Hooray for the secret ballot!

  2. davidbcoe said

    Thanks for the comment, Frank. Yes, the Democrats can always find some way to muck up an election. Then again, I’m a lifelong Giants fan, and usually they find new and creative ways to break my heart. Not this year. Maybe the Dems will have a good year, too.

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