Snow Days and Silver Trees

February 14, 2008

We had snow and ice Tuesday night and Wednesday, leading to snow days yesterday and today.  The Franklin County School system then decided to close school tomorrow as well — a sick day is what they’re calling it, because there’s a bug going around and lots of people have missed school recently, kids and teachers alike.  And Monday is President’s Day.  So my younger daughter is getting a six day vacation.  To say that this disrupts my work schedule would be something of an understatement…..

It’s sunny today, and the light on the trees, all of which were coated with a thin sheen of ice earlier in the morning, was spectacular.  The tree limbs looked like they were made of silver.  It’s all starting to melt now, but for a while there it was magical.

Today’s music — John Coltrane (Giant Steps)


2 Responses to “Snow Days and Silver Trees”

  1. My mom used to *hate* snow days. So she moved us to a province where the schools don’t close if there is snow. No matter how much snow there is, you still have to go to school. Unfortunately, the same goes for work and I’m wishing I was somewhere warmer.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Snow days can be fun, and today my daughter and I went bowling and had lunch out. It’s been a great day. But I really do need to get some work done….

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