Stir Crazy

February 18, 2008

My younger daughter has been out of school since last Wednesday for snow days and sick days and holidays.  My older daughter has been sick since Thursday night and though she got to perform in her play over the weekend, her fever and cough are back.  My wife was out of town Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and though she’s back today, her university is in session despite the Presidents’ Day holiday, so she’s at work.

I love my daughters.  Really I do.  Very much.  But it’s been a long, long six days.  

To all the single parents and stay-at-home moms out there, you have my deepest admiration.

Today’s music:  Joshua Redman (Wish)


5 Responses to “Stir Crazy”

  1. speaking on behalf of all single parents out there, thank you for relating to our daily situtaion. for your readers who may be contemplating, going through or recovering from a divorce, please visit our site, to find help, support and guidance…..anytime.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Thanks for the comment, Paula. And for the link as well. I hope that it reaches some folks who need the support.

  3. I mentioned to my mom today how I wish I was still a kid, and things were easy. Oh sure, every twelve hours there was a new crisis that was going to crash my whole world apart. But nothing like this thing they call ‘adulthood’. Rent and bills to pay. Roommates to deal with. Jobs to go to, no sick days. The concept of a mental health day doesn’t even exist anymore. After a few words of wisdom and encouragement she said “Now you know a little bit of what I’ve been going through since you were little.” Ouch. That hits a little too close to home. My mom was a single parent of two. I’m 22 now, and only just beginning to realize all the things that she did without, so that we could have pop tarts, fancy juices, acting classes, and martial arts. She claims all these sacrifices were worth it. I don’t care to find out if she’s right for a good five years or so. Kittens are hard enough for now.

  4. Steph said

    Hey, thanks for the nod to stay at home moms as well. I really think I do more in a day now than I ever did at “work.” And Paula, this is totally off the subject but one of those “small world” comments. I freelance for Divorce360, and am amazed that you and I are here at the same blog that has nothing to do with the site 🙂

  5. davidbcoe said

    Thanks for the comments, Michele and Steph (and Steph, very cool on the “Small World” thing). Parenting is incredibly hard and incredibly rewarding. But part of the joy I find in parenting is the knowledge that I’m in a partnership with someone, that this work we’re doing, we’re doing together. We support one another, give each other feedback and compare notes. Single-parenting, I would imagine, isn’t a strain simply because there’s twice as much work, but because there’s twice as much work and none of the emotional support and satisfaction that comes from that partnership. I often take that partnership for granted — I’m sure many of us in more traditional parenting arrangements do. I can’t even imagine how hard all of this would be without Nancy, and I hope I never have to find out.

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