Patience, I Hear, Is a Virtue

February 21, 2008

My email server is down and I’m shocked and dismayed to find myself totally debilitated by this.  I feel as though I’ve been cut off from the world, though of course I haven’t.  My phone works.  The internet connection works.  I assume that my mailman will stop by later.  But I keep on having to resist the urge to try the server again, to see if they’ve managed to fix the problem in the last seven minutes.  Pathetic.

Update on my daughter:  She’s still coughing and still carrying a low-grade fever.  It’s hard to say if the antibiotics have had any effect yet.  She certainly doesn’t seem to be getting worse, but as of yet, I see no evidence that she’s getting better.

Patience has never been one of my virtues, and today it seems I’m being tested on several fronts.


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