The New York Times Article on John McCain

February 21, 2008

Just went to CNN where people are posting ridiculous comments about how the story on John McCain that appeared in this morning’s New York Times is a hatchet job.   I’d like to make the radical suggestion that people withhold their judgement on this until they’ve actually read the article.  It’s easy enough to do.  Just go to and you’ll find the piece there, front and center.

In no way is this article a smear job.  It’s a powerful and persuasive piece of investigative journalism.  The point of it isn’t to say that McCain had an affair.  Rather, it points out that he was so closely allied with this lobbyist that his aides feared the appearance of an inappropriate relationship.  Further, the article shows that throughout his career McCain has struggled to reconcile his rhetorical opposition to lobbyists and inappropriate campaign contributions with the reality of campaigning and the need to raise funds.  He talks like a crusader, but at several points in his career he has behaved like a typical politician.

Let’s think about this for a moment, people.  Regardless of what you think the paper’s political bias might be, the New York Times is one of the three most respected newspapers in the nation. They endorsed McCain in the GOP race less than a month ago.  They would not risk their own reputation with this story unless they were reasonably certain of its accuracy.


5 Responses to “The New York Times Article on John McCain”

  1. Brian said

    wasn’t there a scandal a while back about someone not getting their facts straight? I would think that they would be even more careful now and not risk the same embarassment. Either way I agree the NYT is well respected for accuracy.

  2. Most journalists who work for “proper papers” wouldn’t risk it…

    besides, don’t they have fact checkers?

  3. Mark Wise said

    I’m not going to even bother to defend McCain. As a conservative Republican, I can’t stand him myself. Have fun Demmy’s. =)

  4. Joe Hamadani said

    If you think the New York Times is attacking John McCain, that’s nothing compared to what Iran is doing to attack his character. Check out this great blog post about the Iranian government claiming McCain is involved in a Jewish conspiracy!

  5. davidbcoe said

    Brian, yes, the Jason Blair scandal a couple of years back. You’d think that would make them a bit more careful.

    Michele, I’m sure they do. They have a reputation to protect, and to think that they would sacrifice that reputation to try to smear a candidate who has a less-than-even chance of winning in November anyway seems silly to me.

    Mark, thanks for giving us leave to jump on McCain. I feel obliged to return the favor. Please feel free to savage Joe Lieberman….

    And Joe, thanks for the link. I don’t agree with the article’s conclusion, which seems to be that McCain is the only candidate who will stand up to the Iranians and that’s why they’re attacking him. But it’s an interesting piece, and that picture of him is priceless.

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