Leap Day — A New Holiday?

February 29, 2008

How many times have you wished for an extra day?  How many times have you thought that if you just had one day without obligations you could catch up on chores long neglected, or take the time to write a letter to that friend you’ve been missing, or spend extra time with your kids or spouse or partner without feeling that you were shirking professional responsibilities?  How many times have you thought that it would be great just to slip away unnoticed and give yourself a day to do whatever you wanted to do — maybe go for a walk in the woods, or a drive in the country, or maybe just sit around and read a book, or pretend to read a book and actually take a nap?

That’s what Leap Day should be.  February 29th should be a national holiday.  It’s a freebie, an extra day.  It’s like found money.  We shouldn’t use it for business as usual, nor should it be commercialized into a Giant Sale Day, or a day for giving senseless greeting cards and chocolate.  (Though, if you have chocolate lying around and want to have some, by all means, go ahead.  It’s Leap Day.  Knock yourself out.)  Leap Day should be each of ours to do with what we want.  

So have a happy Leap Day.  Or not.  It’s really up to you.

Today’s music:  Lowell George (Thanks, I’ll Eat It Here)


2 Responses to “Leap Day — A New Holiday?”

  1. One of my favorite Onion pieces: President Clinton Calls for National Week Off To Get National Shit Together.

    I’ve actually taken to doing this. Once a year, I take a week off from work and spend four days doing the things that need to be done: tax paperwork, annual filing, check-ins with the mortgage, the broker, and the accountant, and a heavy-duty cleaning of the office space.

    I also practice Discardia in that week.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Thanks for the comment and the links. I certainly do agree that as a nation we’d need more than just a day to get our s**t together….

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