Tuesday Stuff

March 11, 2008

One of those days:  errands to take care of, an order to submit for the local coop (which I run), pictures to frame for an upcoming photography exhibit (more on that in a future post), a short story to revise (more on that in a future post).  And so a short blog post.  Just a couple of items:

Saw a pair of wood ducks on the pond near our house yesterday — a sure sign that spring is nearly here.  Beautiful birds — look them up in a book or on the web.  It’s worth the time.  The male is one of the most stunningly colorful ducks we have in North America, but the female, whose plumage is far less showy, is lovely as well. 

Eliot Spitzer.  I like him.  Had I still lived in New York, I would have voted for him in 2006.  But what an idiot.  Why is it that men in power (or out of power, for that matter) have so much trouble keeping their pants zipped?  Should he resign?  I don’t know.  But I have noticed that the same commentators on the right who said that Senator David Vitter (R-Louisiana) should be forgiven for his dalliances with a prostitute, are now saying that Spitzer has to go.  They say hypocrisy is the issue, because Spitzer was such a determined — some would say self-righteous — prosecutor.  To which I respond, Yes, but David Vitter has made a career of claiming to support “family values.”  Who’s the greater hypocrite?

All right; gotta go.

Today’s music:  Johnny A.


3 Responses to “Tuesday Stuff”

  1. Brian said

    Have you ever been to Ithaca, NY? I mention it because you sound like you would enjoy the cultural climate. I just spent 4 years there, and its a really great town with a lot of emphasis on local business, coops, farmers markets etc, and dozens of winery’s up and down the lake. It has some wildlife too.

    ps- Sorry I didnt mention Spitzer, but I dont know much about him

  2. I said the same thing–how is it that they just can’t keep their dicks to themselves? Really.

    It’s that stupidity that would make me (if I were a New Yorker) want him to resign. I mean, he KNOWS he has massive enemies out there. He KNOWS (because he used all those techniques himself to nail all kinds of people as AG) that there is no safe email, phonecall or text message. He KNOWS that if he deals with criminals, there’s a good chance they are under investigation and he can get nailed. So to speak.

    Same as Clinton. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Reminds me of the line from–was it carwash? Don’t let your dick run your life. Or was it, don’t let your little head rule your big head. Or the joke, men were cursed–they don’t have enough blood to run both heads at the same time.

    Sorry. Ranting. But come on. It was stoooopid. Especially since he made it known his eventual goal was the presidency. And there was a good chance he’d have gotten there. Now? Unlikely.


  3. davidbcoe said

    Brian, I never have been to Ithaca, but I’ve always wanted to go. From all I hear, it’s a beautiful, funky, fun town. Someday.

    Yeah, Di. Stupid is indeed the word. I mean the guys got SO many enemies. He has to know that they’ve just been waiting for him to screw up. And as you say, he knows just how these investigations work. He must have had one of these incredible egos — “Other people get caught, but not me.” Right. Because that reasoning worked so well for Nixon. And Clinton. And David Vitter. And Mark Foley. And Newt Gingrich. And Dan Rostenkowski. And Duke Cunningham. And Edwin Edwards. And……

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