My Kid’s Birthday Party

March 16, 2008

My younger daughter turned nine yesterday.  (Yay!  She had a great day.  We all did, actually.)  Today is her party.  

It’s like a mastercard commercial…..

Pool party at a local swimplex:  $75.00.  Pizza, cake, juice, plates, cups, etc.: $100.  Not having a bunch of screaming, sugar-buzzed children in our house:  priceless.


2 Responses to “My Kid’s Birthday Party”

  1. Mom saw this post. She cracked up laughing and said “oh, how true that is”
    I was always limited to five friends when I had parties until I was old enough to clean up after myself…then I only wanted two or three people there anyway, so no big deal Lol.

  2. davidbcoe said

    We usually limit our kids to a number of guests equal to their age. My daughter turned nine, so she could invite nine kids. We actually raised the nubmer slightly this year, because we were doing it at the pool, but as a general rule of thumb it’s worked pretty well for us.

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