Plot Synopsis Project

March 18, 2008

Today’s post, which is coordinated with several of my fellow writers at, was the brainchild of my friend, author Joshua Palmatier. Josh had been getting lots of questions from beginning writers about how to put together book synopses for the purpose of interesting agents and editors in their work. Josh’s idea was to have several professional authors post links to one or more of their own synopses so that these younger writers could see how we do it. I thought it was a great idea. I hope some of you find this stuff interesting and helpful.

So…. Here is the link to the synopsis I wrote for my most recent book, THE SORCERERS’ PLAGUE, book I of Blood of the Southlands.

And here are links to synopses posted by my fellow authors:

Plot Synopsis Project participant links:

Patricia Bray:

Chaz Brenchley:

Mike Brotherton:

Tobias Buckell:

S.C. Butler:

Barbara Campbell:

David B. Coe:

Jennifer Dunne:

S.L. Farrell:

Diana Francis:

Gregory Frost:

Felix Gilman:

Jim C. Hines:

Jackie Kessler:

Mindy Klasky:

Misty Massey:

C.E. Murphy:

Naomi Novik:

Joshua Palmatier:

Maria V. Snyder:

Jennifer Stevenson:

Michelle West:

Sean Williams:

There’s also a book available that has other samples of plot synopses in it. It’s called I Have This Nifty Idea: Now What Do I Do With It? [Amazon; Mysterious Galaxy], edited by Mike Resnick. Check it out for more samples!


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