A Question and Writing Stuff

April 10, 2008

Okay, question of the week:  Why is it that a haircut never looks good the first day?  Is it me?  Is it curly hair?  Is it a guy thing?

Yeah, got a haircut this morning.  I suppose I’ll get used to it.

Good writing days yesterday and today.  About 1,500 words each day on the second chapter.  I still don’t have a title for this book.  The first book in the trilogy was THE SORCERERS’ PLAGUE, and the second is called THE HORSEMEN’S GAMBIT.  I like both those titles a lot, and want something for this one that’s as good.  It’ll come to me eventually, but I’m getting tired of just calling it “book three”.


2 Responses to “A Question and Writing Stuff”

  1. Frank said

    The Cat’s Pajamas? The Bees’ Knees?

    Or, More Descriptive;

    The Trilogy’s Conclusion!

  2. Alan said

    My wife always complains that her haircuts only ever look really good on the day they’re done when the hairdresser does the whole blow dry thing. She complains that she can never make it look as good at home. So yeah, maybe it’s a guy thing.

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