Writing and Travels

April 24, 2008

Another good week, abbreviated though it was.  6000 words; 25 pages.  

I leave tonight for Richmond, Virginia where I’ll be attending RavenCon.  I have a panel tomorrow at 4:00 pm and I lose an hour to a time change along the way.  So it’s either leave tomorrow morning at about 5:00 am, or I get part of the drive out of the way this evening.  I don’t like waking up that early….

Tune in to http://magicalwords.net tomorrow for a guest post by Alethea Kontis, Ingram buyer by day, New York Times bestselling author by night!

And, yes, I will be giving away a BOW Award on Saturday.


5 Responses to “Writing and Travels”

  1. Frank said

    Bon Voyage, and as for the BOW, can I nominate Bob Schaefer(sp?), [R-CO]?

  2. Mark Wise said

    I would like to nominate Bill Clinton for BOW award for his claiming that since his office is in Harlem that he could not possibly ever be accused of being racist.

  3. davidbcoe said

    Thanks for the nominations, guys. Frank, you’ll have to fill me in. What did Schaefer do? Or is he just a buffoon?

    And Mark, Bill was already on my list for claiming that Obama “played the race card” against him. So he’s a two-time nominee. But they never win, ‘cuz they split the vote…. 🙂

  4. Frank said

    Schaffer (looked up correct spelling finally) was the idiot still toeing the Delay-Abramoff Line about the “Guest-Worker” (read: Human Trafficking and Modern Garment-Worker Slavery) Program in the Northern Marianas Islands. A year after the architects of the plot are all indicted, this moron thinks their plan was just hunky-dory.

    It is a long and sordid tale, and I refer you to TPM Muckraker for the rest:


    Maybe a special BOTWA (Buffoon of Two Weeks Ago) award is in order?

  5. davidbcoe said

    Also BOW worthy, Frank — thanks for the link. But if I start giving these things out retroactively I’ll never ever finish another book….

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