Home From RavenCon

April 27, 2008

Road weary.  Long day of driving.  

But I had a great weekend at RavenCon, catching up with old friends — Ed Schubert, Jana Oliver, Jagi Lamplighter, John Wright, Tony Ruggiero, Stephen Cobb, Dennis Danvers, Kelly Lockhart, Michael Pederson, Allen Wold, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Mike Kabongo, Jan Finder, Stuart Jaffe, Steve White — and making some new ones — Gail Martin, Jeri Smith-Ready, Bryan Prindiville, J.T. Glover, Philip McCall, James Maxey, Jean Marie Ward.

Good panels, some VERY fun Koffeeklatches (minus the Koffee, plus the alcohol….), and a few excellent room parties.

It’s nice to be home, but I’m also looking forward to ConCarolinas next month, LibertyCon in July, and WorldCon in August.


2 Responses to “Home From RavenCon”

  1. Good connecting with you too, David. Do you ever feel like a gypsy? Something about the con circuit always makes me think of a caravan or a version of Howl’s Moving Castle where all the rooms are occupied. 🙂

  2. Hey David, it was good to see you at RavenCon! I met you at the Library ‘Do’ in Charlottesville, and you and Chris are the ones who told me about RavenCon. Thanks – it was a BLAST!

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