Something New: Political Cartoons!

May 2, 2008

While at RavenCon this weekend, I met artist/comic writer/all around great guy Bryan Prindiville.  We were chatting with a group of people, talking shop, talking politics, laughing a lot.  I can’t remember exactly how the conversation went, but eventually it came around to this:  Bryan has long been interested in doing editorial/political cartoons, but while he’s a brilliant artist, he occasionally had trouble coming up with cartoon ideas.  I, on the other hand, have ideas for political cartoons all the time, but can’t draw to save my life.  

So we’ve decided to team up and do political cartoons together.  This is an experiment still — we’ll try to do one a week or so, at least to start.  And today we post our first collaboration.

It’s titled “Straight Talk Express.”  Enjoy!



7 Responses to “Something New: Political Cartoons!”

  1. Frank said

    This is terrific! Another outlet for your creativity! I can draw, and did some cartooning (editorial and otherwise) for my High School Newspaper, but my hat is really off to those folks who churn one out EVERY DAY! Even once a week is impressive, but I suppose you build up your creativity muscles with use over time.

    Maybe I need to start building mine.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Thanks for the comment, Frank. And yes, I think that you should be working out those creativity muscles. I want to see some product, man!

  3. Mark Wise said

    I had an idea for a cartoon that maybe your friend could draw up sometime. Have a picture of a guy shaking hands and handing Barak Obama a trophy with the caption reading, “Announcing the new Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barak Obama!” Yet in mid-handover, you see a small Hillary Clinton still hanging onto the trophy saying, “Mine! Mine!”

    I think that would be funny. 🙂

  4. davidbcoe said

    Thanks for the suggestion, Mark. I actually saw something similar to this in the Chattanooga paper a couple of weeks ago — I think it was a finish line scenario, with Obama crossing and Hillary clinging to his leg, or some such. But I’ll think about this one and talk to my partner about it. Again, thanks.

  5. Frances said

    What happened with my suggestion?

    Just curious?

  6. davidbcoe said

    Due to other professional obligations, Bryan and I have had to suspend our cartoon-making for the foreseeable future.

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