A Wedding and an Anniversary

May 25, 2008

Nancy and I went to a wedding today, which we hadn’t done in some time.  For a while there, everyone we knew was getting married (us, too).  Then everyone was having babies (us, too).  Now, perhaps we’re entering second wedding territory (hopefully not us, too…).  Today’s wedding was a second time around for one of them, first for the other.  It was a lovely ceremony, followed by a simple and very pleasant reception.

Naturally it all reminded me vividly of our wedding, which took place seventeen years ago tomorrow.  A year ago today we had our rehearsal and rehearsal lunch (my father managed to get lost driving to both events and wound up being late to each by nearly an hour).  And then we had our pre-wedding softball game.  Great fun:  one team for the groom and one team for the bride — friends of each were evenly distributed among both teams, so as not to create the appearance of a grudge match.  Nancy had special privileges as the bride.  She was allowed to leave the field to chat with whomever she wanted, and could choose to bat at any time, regardless of which team was batting.

To this day, it remains one of the most wonderful weekends I’ve ever had, probably in part because the seventeen years since have been pretty cool.  In any case, to all of you celebrating Memorial Day weekend anniversaries or weddings, congratulations.


6 Responses to “A Wedding and an Anniversary”

  1. Mark Wise said

    Congrats on the 17 year anniversary, david! My wife and I are 4th of July weekend anniversaries ourselves. I enjoy putting the weddings with major holidays since it always ensures there is something to do. Plus, we get fireworks every year on our anniversary. *grin*

  2. Tina Parker said

    Happy Anniversary! May this year be the best yet.

  3. Michele Conti said

    Happy Anniversary 🙂 May the coming year be just as wonderful as the past.

    *G* All my friends are getting married and having babies now…though not necessarily in that order. It’s amazing to see how quickly life can change. One minute you’re out drinking with your friends until all hours of the morning, the next you’re going to bed at 10pm, because the thought of staying up until 11, and having to get up at 6am just doesn’t appeal.

  4. davidbcoe said

    Thanks to all three of you for the kind wishes. Mark, I like having a holiday anniversary, too. We don’t get fireworks, but we do get the occasional parade, not to mention excellent sales on home electronics….

    Thanks to you, too, Tina. There have been a lot of wonderful years. I’ll happily settle for more of the same.

    And Michele, yeah kids will change one’s internal clock. I used to be a night person. Now I have trouble staying up past 11:00 pm or sleeping past 7:00 am. This can be a problem at conventions….

  5. Brian said

    Congrats on your Anniversary, my wife and I will be celebrating our 4th on the 29th. That softball game sounds like it was fun- great idea.

  6. davidbcoe said

    Thanks, Brian. Happy anniversary to you and your wife.

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