Vacations are Good

June 5, 2008

Still on vacation.  One more full day at the beach and then it’s back home to summer camp and research and writing and swim team, and all the other stuff that makes up our summer.

The beach has been amazing.  Beautiful house, gorgeous weather, a beach with a sand bar, which I LOVE.  Sand bar meaning that about 30 yards from shore there is a second shelf of sand where the water is only about ankle or knee deep.  So you can wade out 60, 70, 80 yards from the shore and still be standing comfortably while the breakers roll by.  Just lovely. 

We’ve found shells and sea glass and sharks’ teeth.  We’ve seen pelicans and terns and sandpipers and ospreys.  We’ve done puzzles and read and played in the waves.  We’ve played miniature golf and had ice cream, and we even managed to track down an aunt and uncle of Nancy’s who none of us had ever met before.  The girls and Nancy are tanned and beautiful.  I’m burned in spots but tanned as well, though not nearly as beautiful.  I am relaxed, though.  More than I’ve been at any time since we left Australia.

A glorious week.


One Response to “Vacations are Good”

  1. Michele Conti said

    That sounds like a wonderful week. A well earned one, I’m sure. 🙂

    I should send my mom there for her vacation.

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