Tapped Out

June 10, 2008

I’ve just got nothing today, folks.  I’m sitting here thinking that I need to post, that I could write about today’s work, or the craziness already overtaking the election season (“Terrorist fist jab”?  I just can’t get over that one), or the dinner party we just attended, or any number of other things.  

I spent the afternoon writing condolence cards to the husband and (fully-grown) children of my mother’s closest friend, who died last week.  And that process left me drained.  She was a wonderful woman and I’ll miss her a lot, but she was in her eighties and had been ill.  Her death, while sad, was not really a tragedy.  Still, as I wrote the cards, I found myself tapping into my own memories of losing my parents many years ago.  That may be why I have nothing left for the blog.

If I were to use a mood tag today it would read “melancholy”.  I’ll be more chipper tomorrow, and I’ll write a better post.

Today’s music:  Pat Metheny (One Quiet Night)


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