Swim Meet Time

June 26, 2008

Kids have a swim meet today, so I’m cutting out early.  I did manage to get my 2000 words for the day, but I still haven’t had enough quality time with the new camera.  😦

It’s an away meet, so we have a bit of a drive ahead of us.  The team is undefeated, and though both of my daughters are at the lower end of their competitive age groups, both have managed one blue ribbon and several second and third place finishes.  Pretty good.  They get it from their mother — I can barely get across the pool….

We’ve been doing this for several summers now, and the kids love it.  So do we.  We never worry about them being around water now.  They have a great coach who teaches them the fundamentals of each stroke and stresses personal improvement and teamwork rather than individual achievement.  The team is incredibly close knit (18 year-olds rooting for 6 year-olds and the young ones then returning the favor) and so are the swim parents.  We all volunteer to help out with meets, and after the meet tonight bunches of us will probably wind up getting dinner together.  Fun stuff.

Catch ya’ll tomorrow.  Go Tigersharks!!


3 Responses to “Swim Meet Time”

  1. Frank said

    Man! Is there any kid in town that ISN’T on the Swim Team? Every parent I’ve met for the last 4 years has their kid on that team. I was in a couple of local plays and all the kids in the cast always showed up with wet hair.

    Oh Well… Go Tigersharks!

  2. Michele Conti said

    That sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂

  3. davidbcoe said

    We’ve got over 100 swimmers this year, Frank. And in a town this size that means they’re pretty much everywhere.

    And thanks, Michele. It was.

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