A Post About Baseball; It’s Been A While

July 9, 2008

The other day I was reading the New Yorker, which I do when I exercise, and I came across an amusing cartoon.  It shows a pitcher and catcher talking on the pitcher’s mound in the middle of a game in front of a stadium full of fans.  The pitcher is saying, “I’m sure I could keep my slider down if they’d just fire the manager.”  Got me thinking.

I haven’t posted anything about baseball pretty much all season long, mostly because I’ve been so disappointed in my Mets.  The firing of their manager, Willie Randolph, a few weeks ago saddened me even more.  Now before this becomes a big “thing”, I’m not saying that I don’t think they should have fired Willie.  I’m not saying that I agree with the firing either.  I’m not sure one way or the other.  The team has played well for interim manager Jerry Manuel, a guy I’ve always thought was a decent coach and manager.  And I think that Willie himself had become a distraction for the team, simply because after last season’s September collapse and this year’s poor start, he was a marked man.  On the other hand, I think that the team played poorly at the end of last year and the first half of this season not because Willie managed them poorly, but because their starting pitching was shaky, their middle relief has never regained the form it showed in 2006, and Billy Wagner always seems to be one pitch away from disaster.

Randolph has always been a class act.  He was a terrific second baseman for the Yankees during their late-seventies glory days.  He was solid if not spectacular in the field, he could steal a base, he had great strike-zone judgment, and he came through with a good many clutch hits throughout his career.   He has long been an intelligent and insightful student of the game and was a key member of Joe Torre’s staff during the best years of Torre’s tenure as Yankee manager.  I’m sad for him, and I hope he finds a new position soon.  He’s too good a manager not to be running someone’s team.

Here’s hoping as well that the Mets perform to their full potential during the second half of the season.  They’re only a few games out of first, and with Reyes, Beltran, and Wright playing well, and Carlos Delgado poised for a big second half, they could make a run at the playoffs.


2 Responses to “A Post About Baseball; It’s Been A While”

  1. Brian said

    Hey, Id like to comment, but…the METS?

    Well Ive always been a Yankee fan, even though I dont even watch the game or follow the scores anymore. And if I sometimes forget the Mets exist can you blame me?

    Poking fun aside, the only reason I even knew Willie Randolph was the manager of the Mets was because he was fired in such an awkward fashion. It was all over the radio. I cant understand why they would do that.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead and pick on the Mets. That’s like calling McCain old or Bush stupid. It’s just too easy. 😉

    Actually they’re closer to first place than the Yankees are right now — by quite a margin. So I’d check the standings before you start up with the trash talk, Steinbrenner-Boy.

    Thanks for the comment, Brian. 🙂

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