No Coincidence

August 27, 2008

Yeah, okay, I’m in political mode.  But this is just too outrageous to ignore.  Want to know why David Petraeus is John McCain’s BFF?  Just check today’s news headlines.  It was announced today that U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq will be handing over military control of the Anbar Province to the Iraqi Army on Monday, thus marking the culmination of the military’s one great “success story” of the Iraq conflict.  What’s the big deal you ask?  Well, as I said, this was announced today — and today the themes of speeches at the Democratic Convention will be focused on national security and foreign policy issues.  Think I’m being paranoid?  Monday, the day of the actual withdrawal of U.S. Forces from Anbar, marks the opening of the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities.

Keith Olbermann has spoken often of the “nexus of security and politics” on his wonderful news program, “Countdown.”  This is a perfect example.  With the Bush Administration, the tail always wags the dog.


3 Responses to “No Coincidence”

  1. Brian said

    very suspicious

  2. Frank said

    I Love when you’re in political mode. Maybe you are a leeetle bitty bit paranoid, but with this bunch paranoia is a healthy reaction to the facts thus far.

  3. davidbcoe said

    As Thomas Pynchon once said, even paranoids have enemies….

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