— Gasp — Another Coincidence!

August 28, 2008

Yesterday we learned that U.S. Forces in Anbar Province, Iraq will be pulled out on — what a coincidence! — Monday, the opening day of the Republican National Convention.  Today, just hours before Barack Obama gives his much anticipated acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, and just a few days before the RNC, the Bush Administration has announced that economic growth in the second quarter of this year was MUCH better than anticipated.  Wow!  Turns out the Republicans didn’t mess everything up after all!  Things are just fine now!  So it’s okay to give John McCain the White House for George Bush’s third term.

Bush and Cheney:  They’re like little kids who break their Mom’s favorite vase, put it back together with super glue and duct tape and twine, and hope no one will notice that it was ever shattered.  Right.  Good luck with that, boys….


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