Time for a Conversation Rather Than a Shouting Match

October 14, 2008

Did anyone else see this story about the parking lot owner in North Carolina who posted a sign saying that Obama supporters and people with Obama stickers on their cars couldn’t park in the guy’s lot?  It’s kind of goofy, really.  I mean, it’s a private business, so the guy is free to do with his lot whatever he wants.  He claims it’s mostly a joke and he has no intention of having people who violate his directive towed.  But at the end of the piece he says something that made me shudder:

“In the same way I take offense at Mister Obama running for President, then they’re [his critics] going to have to stay offended or get over it.”

He takes offense at Obama running for President?  Did he take offense when Gore and Kerry ran?  Or did he just oppose them?  You may think I’m reading too much into the comment, but to me his words scream racism.

What about this?

Anyone else find that offensive?  I certainly do.  And for the record, this guy, whoever he is, has an inside track on this week’s BOW Award.

The lone service station in my tiny little town is owned by two of the sweetest, kindest, most generous people you’d ever want to meet.  Last week they put up a huge McCain-Palin sign outside their service garage.  This is a small southern town, but it’s also a college town and predominently Democratic.  A lot of my friends are now refusing to take their cars to the station for gas or repairs.  To me that’s just as wrong as that guy in North Carolina refusing to let Obama supporters park in his lot (although without the stark racism).  All I know is that whenever I’ve had trouble with my car, these folks have worked me into their schedule and gone out of their way to help me out, even though I have Obama stickers on the bumper.  So if they want to shout from the rooftops that they’re for McCain, more power to them.

We are in serious trouble as a nation, and one of these two men is about to be elected President.  The sooner we learn how to work together, rather than screaming at one another or talking past each other, the sooner we’ll actually find a way to solve the problems we face.


3 Responses to “Time for a Conversation Rather Than a Shouting Match”

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  2. Graham said


    That is an absolute cack!

    Not only does that fellow display his ignorance, he also now has his pic on the internet for eternity, and his ancestors to see, what a complete and utter dickless twirp he is!

    You guys have the best nutters!


    Mind you, check out the shirt he is wearing. Like, hey, If ya gonna wear a shirt like that you have to be nuts in the first place!

  3. davidbcoe said

    We do have some pretty good nutters. You want any of them? [Graham is my good friend from Down Under, for those of you who don’t know.] You’re welcome to this twerp, and any of his friends that you’d like.

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