Colin, George, and Rush

October 19, 2008

Well, it didn’t take long for both George Will and Rush Limbaugh to do the obvious.  Both of them have responded to Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama (this morning on “Meet the Press”) by saying that the only reason Powell made the endorsement is that Obama (like Powell) is black.  Really, guys?  Do you really want to tell perhaps the most respected person in America that he is, essentially, a racist?  Did you listen to Powell’s remarks on “Meet the Press”?  I mean really listen to them?  It seemed to me that Powell sounded almost sad that he had to turn his back on McCain and the GOP.  He is, after all, a lifelong Republican.  But what he said was that he’d been disappointed by McCain’s response to the economic crisis, that he’d been disgusted by the tone of McCain’s campaign, and that at the same time he had been impressed by Obama’s steadiness and strength.  I do agree that in calling Obama “a transformational figure” he was, in a way, referring to his race, as well as to his youth and his eloquence and the number of people he has brought into the political process.  But Powell makes it clear that his choice was about far more than race, and I, for one, take the man at his word.


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