A Little Kid-related Bragging

November 11, 2008

None of you who know me would ever, EVER confuse me with a football player, right?  I mean there’s just no chance of that happening.  Same with Nancy.

You ever heard of “Punt, Pass, and Kick”?  It’s a program sponsored by the National Football League.  They go into schools and have kids compete by punting, throwing, and kicking a football.  The object is to get the greatest distance and accuracy in each event.  It’s a national competition and at the end of the football season the winners in the various age and gender groups are honored at the Super Bowl.

Well, my youngest daughter, who to my knowledge had never thrown or kicked a football in her entire life, won her age group competition at her school.  This was last month, and this past Saturday Nancy and I drove her down to Chattanooga for the regional competition.  We thought it was pretty cool that she had done so well at her school, and we figured it would be a good experience for her.  We also figured that at the regional level she’d be overmatched by bigger, stronger kids whose parents had actually been working with them on these skills for the past several years.  (I should note here that my daughter and I did spend this last month occasionally throwing and kicking a football around.  It was mostly for fun, but she did her best to improve her skills, and I helped where I could.)

Long and short:  She did better than we thought she would in Chattanooga.  She did really well actually.  She came in second, and brought home a big honkin’ trophy and a medal.  We couldn’t believe it.

I have two girls, and I never played football at any level except in my yard with friends when I was a kid.  My daughters are swimmers and soccer players and we have plenty of medals and trophies.  But I never thought in a million years that we’d have a football trophy in our house.  Life is full of surprises….


One Response to “A Little Kid-related Bragging”

  1. Graham said


    Are we talking AFL or NRL or the game they play in heaven, Rugby Union? Now, I mean to say.

    Rugby League or Aussie rules is pretty cool but, to be honest, and I am a hockey player – field hockey, where the only weapon is a stick. Not helmet, blades etc etc.- Rugby Union is the game!

    But I somehow think you Yanks are talking about, “Punt, Pass, and Kick”, in the Gridiron version of football, yeah?

    Oh well. :-0

    That’s a great game too! 🙂 But, I like baseball!

    Good on your “youngest” for winning the trophy! And pass on my congratulations to her, too. 🙂

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