My Own Experience at the Ballot Box

November 28, 2008

Lost in the all the post-election posts I wrote, and my efforts to get back to writing (as opposed to checking various polling web sites with disturbingly obsessive regularity) was a bit of personal election night news.  The same day Barack Obama was elected President, I had my name on an election ballot for the first time.  I am now a member of my town’s community council.  I’m an elected official.  My two-year term doesn’t begin until January, and even when it does my responsibilities won’t amount to much.  But still, I do feel some sense of impending responsibility.

I’ve posted before about the many hats I wear in my life:  Author, father, husband, friend, coop-guy, photographer, swim-Dad, soccer-Dad, etc.  More recently I’ve added to the list.  I’m now the 8th grade parents’ council representative to my older daughter’s school.  And, as of November 4th, I’m a member of the Sewanee Community Council.  I have no doubt that I’ll learn a lot about the inner workings of my town — probably more than I want to know.  But it should be interesting.  And who knows where it will lead?  If Chris Matthews can run for the U.S. Senate, what’s to stop me from seeing higher office?  Maybe some day I’ll be on the Board of Education!


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