I’ve Got Some Talent, But Not That Much….

December 6, 2008

No BOW Award today.  I really didn’t pay much attention to the news this week, and frankly I need a BOW break.

But I did have a funny experience this afternoon:  I was wearing my “photography-guy” hat today instead of my “author-guy” hat.  This weekend is the arts and crafts studio tour here in town, and I did a shift handling sales at the gallery where I display my photography.  The gallery includes not only my photos, but heaps of other art and craftwork by a large number of local artists:  oil paintings and bronze castings and sculptures, textile work and hand-done bookbinding, lots of ceramics — vases, bowls, plates, etc. — as well as a host of other artistic creations.  The gallery offers a remarkable variety of items, representing the work of at least a dozen different people.

Well, one gentleman came in accompanied by his wife, and after looking around at all this stuff, turned to me and asked if I was the artist who had done all this fine work….


2 Responses to “I’ve Got Some Talent, But Not That Much….”

  1. Frank said

    Well, you DO wear a lot of hats….

    A lot of people are taking a BOW break now that they have allowed themselves to shift from election mindset to holiday mindset. But if there WAS going to be a BOW….

    …The conspiracy nuts STILL pushing the “Obama is not a citizen” storyline would get my vote for BOW.

    David Wiegel wrote all about it over on Slate:


  2. davidbcoe said

    Yeah, I saw something about this on CNN the other day. I might have to do a BOW about this tomorrow after all. We’ll see. But yes, these wack jobs definitely deserve recognition.

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