Today’s Post: About Creating Logic

December 10, 2008

Today’s post, “Making Worlds That Make Sense,” can be found at  SFNovelists is a terrific site maintained by fantasy and science fiction authors from around the world.  Please come by for a visit.  And, as always, enjoy.


2 Responses to “Today’s Post: About Creating Logic”

  1. wordmage said

    Hi David,
    My name is Keith (also known as Wordmage on wordpress and just wanted ypu to know that every christmas I pick new authors to read for the new year and I picked you along with Brent Weeks and karen Miller when I discovered your Foreland series. I’ve just finished a 1st draft of a fantasy novel and co-authored another with a friend of mine. Now the rewrites begin. I knpw you are busy with your own writing but if you have time, any ideas, tips on the rewriting process? Looking forward to reading your books.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Hi, Keith. Thanks for the comment. Glad you decided to give my books a try — I hope you enjoy them.

    Tips on the rewriting process? Hmmm. I have to admit that I’ve neve collaborated on a book, so I’m not really sure how that might change the process. A couple of things I’d recommend, though. On a purely utilitarian level: don’t try to revise on the screen; print it out and revise on paper. For me, at least, the process of attacking a manuscript is much easier on something solid, something I can scribble on and cross out on, etc. I would think that with two of you working together, you might want to BOTH do this and then compare notes afterwards and work through the stuff that you disagree on. But again, I’ve got no experience with this. I know a writer/editor who tries in rewrites to cut a line per page from a manuscript. The point? Just to force herself to tighten up her prose. I’ve tried this and am always amazed by how much leaner and more efficient I can make my writing in this simple way.
    Otherwise, I can’t offer much. Rewriting is an idiosyncratic process. Everyone goes about it in a different way. Everyone’s manuscript begins with a different level of polish. Some people edit as the write; others spew words onto a page and then edit later. Obviously your rewriting process will vary according to which kind of writer you are.
    Good luck with it!

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