Help the American Economy! Buy My Book….!

January 30, 2009

Yeah, that’s kind of a hard pitch to make right now. In the midst of an economic crisis it’s not easy to get people to worry too much about book sales, because in the midst of an economic crisis there are far more important things to worry about. Like everyone else, though, authors feel the pinch of a bad economy. Our ability to contract future books for publication is tied directly to the sales performances of our most recent releases. So, if the economy keeps people from spending money on books, then we suffer as well. This is not a complaint — lots of people out there have it far worse than my fellow authors and I do. But I do offer it as an explanation for the title of today’s post.

Sure, I’m worried. I love what I do, and I don’t want to stop. But this is a hard way to make a living in the best of times. In a severe recession… well, let’s just say that it’s not getting any easier. Publishing companies are cutting back on planned releases, booksellers are ordering fewer books, and people going into stores have less disposable income.

None of us is immune.

So if you happen to be one of the lucky ones — if you’re not hurting right now — go out and spend some money. Buy my book. Buy someone else’s book. Get yourself a new toy — a phone or a camera or a computer (and be certain to recycle that old one!). Take someone you love out to dinner tonight.

And if you’re not one of the lucky ones — if you are hurting right now, if you or someone you care about has lost a job or health coverage — you’re in my thoughts. It seems trite to say this, but we really are in this together (the 177 Republicans in the House of Representatives notwithstanding). We’re going to be hunkered down together for a while. And then we’re going to emerge from these troubled times together. Some people get by on faith in God, others get by on faith in themselves. Some of us get by on faith in each other.

None of us is immune. But none of us is truly alone, either.


5 Responses to “Help the American Economy! Buy My Book….!”

  1. Ferdy said

    Well, I helped the US economy by buying your book… even though I am Dutch >_>

    It arrived yesterday (the 30th) and I sort of finished it yesterday (the 30th)… So, I guess you can estimate what I think of it ๐Ÿ™‚

    The book was great. I just don’t see what the title had to do with the story. Or are the horsemen in the title supposed to be Tirnya and her people? Because I thought it meant the Fal’borna and I didn’t quite see what sort of gambit they made.

    On another note, when is the third book coming David? 361 Pages is just to short for me and I wanna know the rest of the story ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Frank said

    You know, I was actually planning on waiting to get this one in paperback, not due to economic hardship (although that is VERY real), but for a different reason.

    I read “The Sorceror’s Plague” a long, long time ago now. I… you are probably going to really hate to hear this, but… I hardly remember anything about it. General themes, yes, but place names, character relationships, political happenings… I am probably going to have to re-read it before reading “Gambit”.

    After which I will then have a very long time to forget that one, before book 3 emerges from your publisher’s catacombs.

    When I picked up “Children of Amarid”, you had already written (and had published) 6 books. By the time I burned through those, “Shapers of Darkness” was out in hardback. After that came a long wait for “Weavers of War”.

    “Weavers” was a little hard to jump back into, but not that hard, because I had spent a big chunk of the previous year immersed in the lives of the scores of various characters scattered across the massive continent of the Forelands. By contrast, I spent less than 1/52 of last year (or was it 2007?) engaging with the Mettai.

    All that said, I probably WILL buy it in hardcover now, on account of doing my (admittedly very small) part to ensure your future success. (And help my LOCAL economy, even!) My curiosity about your “Shiny New Toy” post-Grinsa series is piqued, and I can’t stand to endanger its eventual publication in any way.

  3. davidbcoe said

    Thanks for the comment, Ferdy, and for buying the book. Yes, the Horsemen’s Gambit does refer to Tirnya and her people. And the next book will be out just about a year from now. Sorry for the long wait. It’s finished and with my editor, but the production process is long and Tor has many books to put out each year.

    And Frank, thanks for the sentiment, but really, if you were going to buy it in paperback, wait to do that. I’ll be fine. ๐Ÿ™‚ (See today’s post.) I understand not remembering one book that you read in about a week — I don’t take that personally at all.

  4. Dino said

    Gambit bought and being read.
    Itt would go faster if I did not have to cough every few minutes with this nasty respitory bug I have.

    Wonderful work as usual, my friend.

  5. davidbcoe said

    Thanks very much, Dino. Glad you like it. Hope you’re better soon.

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