Warning: Political Rant!!

February 6, 2009

Are they really this stupid?  Is that even possible?  Does Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota not realize that in rehabilitating ATV and recreational trails in national monuments and parks we are creating necessary work for people who have no jobs?  Does Republican Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas not understand that in renovating government buildings and schools we are, again, creating jobs?  Does Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona (who really ought to know better) not understand that the purchase of new government vehicles provided for in the stimulus package is actually a program to replace gas guzzlers with hybrids?  Does he not get the fact that the cars would be American-made, that the purchase would help out our ailing auto industry, and that, yes, again, this might stimulate the hiring of workers in manufacturing positions?

Are Congressional Republicans truly so stupid that they don’t understand the purpose of the stimulus bill?!  Is some of it make-work, jobs created for the sake of creating jobs?  Absolutely!  That’s the point.  600,000 people lost jobs LAST MONTH!  Well over 3 million have lost jobs in the past year.  They don’t care that the jobs created by the stimulus package might not be exactly the kind of jobs the GOP had in mind.  It’s work.  It’s a paycheck.  It’s a chance to feed hungry kids, pay a utility bill, or meet a mortgage deadline.

Do Congressional Republicans not understand that they lost the election in November?  Barack Obama received 53% of the vote; he beat McCain in the electoral college 365 to 173.  He beat John McCain by 9 million votes.  Democrats in Congress increased their majorities in both houses.  This happened because people rejected eight years of disastrous economic policy, because people realized that massive tax cuts for the wealthy and an economy based on a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Look” approach to deregulation doesn’t work.  For eight long years the Republicans ran this country, squandering a budget surplus and running up the largest deficits in history.  And now suddenly John McCain and John Thune and Sam Brownback are the apostles of fiscal discipline?  I don’t think so.

More to the point, do the Democrats not realize that they won???!!!  The Republicans are peddling retreads from the Bush years:  tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, and nothing for the working poor.  Yes, support for the stimulus bill has slipped, but it’s still above 50%.  Memo to Harry Reid:  Grow some balls you emasculated little twit!! If the Republicans won’t support the bill, insist on a vote anyway.  If they threaten a filibuster, LET THEM FILIBUSTER!!  Let them go on C-SPAN and CNN and MSNBC and the rest, on the same day that the Labor Department released the worst jobs report in decades, and tie the Senate in knots so that they don’t have to pass a stimulus bill that creates jobs.  Let them explain that to the American people.  Can you say permanent minority party?

To the Democrats:  Govern for Chrissake!!  You won the freakin’ election; now act like it!

To the Republicans:  Lend a hand or get out of the way!  But don’t fuck around with my life so that you can score cheap political points!

There, I feel better now….


One Response to “Warning: Political Rant!!”

  1. Alan said

    And…. breathe…


    (Same shit happening here).

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