Last Night’s Speeches

February 25, 2009

I meant to post much earlier today, but after hitting a small speedbump with the WIP at the beginning of the week, I churned out over 2,700 words today, and didn’t want to interrupt the flow.  The book should come in somewhere around 100k and I’m just past 85,000.  At the rate I’ve been going recently, I could be done by the end of next week….

But I wanted to comment briefly on last night’s Not-The-State-Of-The-Union address by President Obama (yeah, the thrill of writing that is just never going to get old….).  What a total joy it is to listen to a President who is eloquent AND right on the issues.  I thought the speech was terrific.  I believe that he’s absolutely right to take on the challenges of health care, energy, education right now, while he’s also dealing with our economic problems.  These issues are all interrelated.  We can’t solve people’s financial problems without addressing health care.  We can’t solve our fiscal problems without dealing with the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we can’t do that without addressing energy.  And we can’t put our country on a path to long-term economic growth without improving education.  Those on the right who wish to defeat progressive initiatives in these areas want to take them on one at a time, because that makes each battle easier.  As soon as Obama convinces the public that these problems are connected — as soon as people see the big picture — (and, admittedly, the President has some work to do on this still) the battles will be won.

I also wanted to comment on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s response to the President.  I have no doubt that Jindal is intelligent.  Clearly he’s popular in his state.  But that was a terrible speech, both in terms of content and presentation.  All I could think as I watched it was, if this guy is THE rising star in the GOP, Republicans are going to be in the wilderness for a long, long time.  And I’m okay with that…..


2 Responses to “Last Night’s Speeches”

  1. David,

    I agree with your commentary on the president’s speech tuesday night and I would just like to add that although he has his work cut out for him, his plans and his team appear to be sound and he is working from the right mindset at least that is the impression that I get when I hear him speak. I work in the civil engineering profession so as you can imagine our industry is being descimated by current economic conditions but because of Obama and the stimulus there is some hope. What I think most people miss is that while the stimulus bill will not fix everything it is a starting point and it provides impetus for economic rebound and as it begins to take effect the psychological aspect will do more than the financial.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Thanks very much for the comment, Kody. I think you’re absolutely right. The stimulus bill can’t fix everything — for all the GOP’s complaining, it’s not beg enough to do what’s needed. But it’s an imperfect start that will change the dynamic and the psychology.

    Good luck to you and your fellow professionals at your workplace. These are tough times for all, and I hope that you come through them as well as possible.

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