One Tired Puppy….

March 4, 2009

Long, tiring day.  I slept poorly last night, had allergy issues all day, and had many interruptions during writing time.  Still managed to write 2,500 words, but only because I’m near the end of the book.  The last few days of writing a book are always incredibly productive for me.  I liken it to finishing a jigsaw puzzle.  Fewer pieces left and fewer spaces unfilled — the whole process speeds up.  Yesterday I wrote 3000+ words.  I could never do that in the middle of a book.  But at the end….

I think I can finish it by the end of Friday.  If not, certainly over the weekend or on Monday.  And then we just have to sell it…

But now I’m exhausted.  A glass of wine and then off to bed.


One Response to “One Tired Puppy….”

  1. Graham said

    Go into the light David…. Go into the liiiiiigggghhhtttttt……. 😉

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