Stuff — Updated

March 15, 2009

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of days.  Thursday was my birthday, today is my younger daughter’s birthday, and in between we had her party (a pool party — great success) and a trip to Chattanooga for a movie (“Bedtime Stories”) and a sushi dinner.  Fun stuff. 

We also had to negate the contract we had on the house we’d hoped to buy.  Not so fun.  Long story, which I won’t discuss in detail, except to say that this had nothing to do with selling our house or getting a loan and everything to do with something on the seller’s end of the deal.  We’re disappointed, but relieved that we got out of the deal when we did rather than getting ourselves deeper into what would have been a far worse situation.  But we still have earnest money at stake and hope to get it back without things turning too ugly.  More as it develops.

Today we’re scrambling to finish a school science fair project and preparing for one last nice dinner to celebrate the pair ‘o birthdays.


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