Finally Pulled the Trigger

March 26, 2009

Finally took the plunge and ordered my iMac tonight.  I should have it by next week.  I’m very excited.

Now if someone can just tell me how to get my Outlook Express (not real Outlook, but the Express version) information over to the Mac platform, I’ll be most grateful….


4 Responses to “Finally Pulled the Trigger”

  1. Noah said

    Pretty sure that the easiest way would be to download Thunderbird onto your WinBox, and let it do the import from OE. Then you can keep using Thunderbird on the Mac, or you can move Thunderbird’s files (which are infinitely easier to find and generally more compatible) over to the Mac and import it into whatever other mail client you want to use.

  2. Graham said

    I agree with Noah, as it sounds logical. I have never had to do what you are trying to do so can’t comment with certainty. Will ask around.

  3. davidbcoe said

    Thanks, Graham. If you come up with another method let me know. I’ll then do it backwards, since the instructions come from Down Under and my machines are in the Northern Hemisphere….

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