At RavenCon!

April 24, 2009

Okay, let me start with an apology to all the Edgar Allen Poe fans out there. I actually do know that this year marks Poe’s 200th birthday and not his 150th. I just had a brain-fart moment while writing Wednesday’s post, and I’m sorry for that. Whatever year it is, I will be reading “The Tell-Tale Heart” tonight here at RavenCon to help commemorate Poe’s birthday. If you’re at the con please stop by. I’ll also be reading from one of my own stories or books (not sure which yet) on Sunday morning at 10:30. Please stop by for that, too.

I’ve already run into Misty Massey (with whom I blog at ) and several other friends, and I look forward to seeing more familiar faces as the weekend goes on. I got to hear Misty’s reading, which was wonderful, and I saw an Edgar Allen Poe action figure for sale, which I might just have to buy…. More as it develops!

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