Fun Evening in Nashville

May 3, 2009

Nancy and I had a real treat yesterday.  We went up to Nashville to see the live radio broadcast of Garrison Keillor’s  A Prairie Home Companionat the historic Ryman Auditorium.  It was a terrific show.  Garrison’s musical guests were country music’s biggest star, Brad Paisley, and bluegrass giant Sam Bush and his band.  They did all the normal classic skits — “Guy Noire, Private Eye”; “The News From Lake Wobegone”; “The Ketchup Advisory Board”; plus a few others we hadn’t heard before.  They played some great songs, and generally put on a great show.

Keillor himself makes it clear that he owes a debt to old radio show hosts like Fred Allen, and Bob and Ray, but the fact remains that he is a unique talent in American culture.  He has a wonderful sense of humor; he’s not a great singer, but he’s good; he’s a decent writer; and his “News From Lake Wobegone” is a brilliant monologue that he does without any notes or visual cues.  I know that he doesn’t make it up on the spot.  I mean, he couldn’t, right?  But it’s all in his head, and that’s pretty stunning given how well each week’s installment of the “News” holds together.  Anyway, it was all great fun and I have no doubt that we’ll go again the next time he and his crew are in town.

After the show, we went to a restaurant called Horn of Africa, where we had a marvelous Ethiopian meal.  Truly excellent.  If you haven’t had Ethiopian cuisine, you should.  It’s spicy and delicious, and you eat it with your hands, using a special spongy bread called injera to pick up the curries and stews and lentils.  Wonderful!

2 Responses to “Fun Evening in Nashville”

  1. Graham said

    Aaah, food, Mmmmm. Am going to a little place called Ruby’s Country Style Cuisine myself, on Friday night. Great little place and Scott, the Chef, does some very, very nice meals! You’d like it.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Guess you’ll be taking us there the next time we’re in Woonona… 😉

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