Thoughts on Honors Day

May 23, 2009

This is graduation weekend at my daughters middle/high school, and today was Honors Day, when students are recognized for achievements in academics, sports and community service.  I attended, because I’m on the parents’ council and our organization was sponsoring the event and the reception that followed.

I dreaded the ceremony, because it has a reputation for being long and boring.  But I enjoyed it, mostly because so many of the kids who were honored were friends of my daughter or children of friends.  It seems like a day ago that I was watching them play youth soccer and little league, or seeing them in the sixth grade play.  Now they’re juniors and seniors in college.  It goes so fast.  

My daughter was honored too, though because she’s only in eighth grade this year, she wasn’t eligible for most of the awards.  But she was chosen for a leadership position in next year’s freshman class, which is pretty cool.  Except for the fact that I REALLY can’t believe she’s about to be a freshman in high school.

As I say, it goes so fast….


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