The Truth About Health Care

August 9, 2009

I’m back from two weeks of vacationing up north, and in getting back into the swing of everyday life, I’m also getting back into checking the news more regularly.  And I’m shocked and disgusted by the tone of the health care debate.  This issue is too important for our nation’s health, for our children’s future, and for our economic stability.  We can’t be basing decisions on the egregious lies being put forward by right wing critics of the Obama Administration, NOR can we allow distortions and exaggerations from the left to shape whatever legislation Congress eventually passes.  The status quo is unacceptable.  We have to change our current system.  That old cliche we hear all the time from our politicians — “America still has the best health care system in the world” — simply isn’t true anymore.  Whether measured in cost (as a percentage of GPD, or on a per capita basis), efficiency, access, or the health of the populace (infant mortality, disease rates, etc.) our health care system rates no better than average when compared with the systems of other industrialized nations.

So I would urge all of you to go here: is a nonpartisan, Pulitzer prize-winning web site that is devoted to separating fact from rhetoric.  As you’ll see when you visit the link above, the site points out distortions from Democrats and Republicans.  It points out the places where Barack Obama has said things that are false, or instances of flipflops on the President’s part.  It also points out lies from the right (which have been far more frequent and serious on this issue).  If you are serious about debating health care reform, go here first and get your facts straight.  Is the program proposed by Congress going to be expensive?  Absolutely.  Do we know how it will be paid for?  No, not yet.


Will illegal immigrants be given free health care?  Absolutely not.  Will Granny by put to death to save costs?  No.  Is the Democratic plan “Socialized Medicine” based on the British system?  No.

Read up.  Learn the truth.  Then talk about it.  Speak TO people, not at them.  Let’s do this like grown-ups.


3 Responses to “The Truth About Health Care”

  1. Brian said

    Thanks for the link

  2. kevingooden said

    David – greatly enjoying your blog entries. You’re an excellent writer.

    As I’ve recently seen quite a bit of misinformation about the Canadian health care system, I’ve been sharing information about it on my blog:

    To summarize: we have a good system, but increasing costs are creating enormous strain, and it’s not likely that the present model can be sustained.

    Best of luck in your work encouraging people toward intelligent dialog and debate. I’m greatly interested to see what health care reforms occur in your country.

    Kevin Gooden
    British Columbia, Canada

  3. davidbcoe said

    Thanks, Kevin. And thanks for the link to your blog (which is excellent) and the great points you make there about health care in our two countries. There’s got to be a way to do this intelligently.

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