The Right Wing Unhinged

September 5, 2009

I don’t know who started it.  Maybe it was wack-job conservative columnist Thomas Sewell.  Maybe it was one of the idiots on Fox News.  I do know that Uber-wing-nut Glenn Beck has made it a staple of recent broadcasts, and that protesters at recent health care town halls and “tea parties” have written it on posters, printed it on t-shirts, included it in leaflets, and repeated it in chants and TV interviews with local news people.  I know that parents are now using it as an excuse to keep their kids away from school this coming Tuesday when — gasps of horror, please — our President is to address the nation’s school children on the importance of education, the dangers of drug use, and the need to stay in school and apply themselves to their studies.

What is “it”?  “It” is the comparison of Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler.

As a Democrat, an American, and a supporter of the President, I find the comparisons both laughable and troubling.  As a Jew I find them deeply offensive.  You disagree with Barack Obama on health care?  You think the stimulus was a mistake (despite mounting evidence that it has saved this country from an economic catastrophe unlike any seen since the 1930s)?  You oppose him on cap and trade or taxes or even education reform?  Fine.  This is a free country.  No one says you have to support his policies.  Argue against his initiatives.  Protest all you like.  But do not compare him to Hitler.  There is no basis for such a thing.

Obama is trying to make health care accessible to millions who don’t have it.  He’s trying to pull the country out of a financial and economic mess that was not of his making.  He’s trying to tell kids to take some responsibility for their educations and their choices.  He is a mainstream Democrat who is doing EXACTLY what he told us he would do when he ran for President.  He won.  Your side lost.  By a lot.  Deal with it.  Protest all you like.  Argue the merits of the issues.  But if all you can think to do is compare him to a madman who was bent on world domination, who started a war that led to the deaths of tens of millions, who exterminated six million Jews, then you are fools, idiots, and, yes, traitors.  He is not a Nazi.  He is not a Socialist.  He’s a Democrat.  Get a grip on yourselves.  And if you can’t, then shut up and get out of the way. This country needs a serious discussion of the issues among informed, patriotic, reasonable people.  Clearly those of you comparing Obama to Hitler don’t qualify.


2 Responses to “The Right Wing Unhinged”

  1. Graham W. Body said

    Now, I qualify this by stating that at the moment it is 21:50 here in Oz and I am a bit tired.

    The people comparing President Barack Obama with Hitler are very much to be pitied. (Compassion for enemies is a good means of attaining insight to self.)

    Alternatively they may like to read some of the poetry of our (Australia’s) Les Murray, in particular his volume titled “Dog Fox Field” and answer this question…

    What does the title allude to?

    If, without google, they cannot answer that question then they definitely have little to nothing to offer in the debate on health care that you are currently undertaking.

  2. davidbcoe said

    I’ll have to check out Murray’s work. Thanks for the comment, my friend. And for the email, which I’ll respond to shortly.

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