Joe Wilson’s War

September 11, 2009

A follow-up to yesterday’s post, for those of you who might not have read all the comment threads.

While Joe Wilson is being lionized by Rush Limbaugh and other wing-nutters for calling his commander-in-chief a liar (Wilson is veteran of the Guard), others are digging a little deeper into Wilson’s background and finding out all sorts of cool things.  Turns out, Ole Joe is not only a disrespectful, loudmouth thug.  He’s also a hypocrite.

Check this out:


3 Responses to “Joe Wilson’s War”

  1. Dino said

    One good thing out of this, is that the guy he barely beat last election has raised $800,000 online since Joe’s outburst.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Yes, Miller’s donations are up above a million dollars now. Sadly, so are Joe’s. That race is going to be a monster. And Wilson will probably win, despite everything, because of the demographics of the district.

  3. […] In less than a week since Wilson’s outburst, “You Lie!” t-shirts are turning up. Right wing gasbags on television and radio have turned handstands trying to kiss up to this […]

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