Today’s Fun Historical Fact

November 11, 2009

These days I’m steeped in research for the new historical fantasy project, so I thought I’d share with you my “Fun Historical Fact of the Day”.  Under the heading of “This Sounds Familiar…”:

In the pre-Revolutionary period, the American colonies were eager to be economically secure in their own right, but most of them, particularly Massachusetts, were still tied closely to Great Britain.  So much so, that during the Stamp Act Crisis of the mid 1760s, when they were truly ticked off at the Brits, and went so far as to drink tea out of teapots that read “No Stamp Act!” they had to import said teapots from — you guessed it — England.  Kind of like today, when we talk about how important it is to Buy American, and then we go to rallies and we wave American flags that are made in China.  The more things change, the more they stay the same….

[This tidbit comes from T.H. Breen’s The Marketplace of Revolution (Oxford University Press, 2004)]


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