Second “Robin Hood” Update

December 9, 2009

So, it’s been a week.  I started writing last Thursday, and I’ve just knocked off for the evening on this my seventh day of writing the “Robin Hood” novelization.  I actually only worked half days on the weekend, but still those days count.  My word count stands at just a hair over 25,000.  I’m on page 101.  (I’d put up one of those word count graphs, but I have no idea how long the book is going to end up.)  Never in my life have I written at this pace.  I never imagined that I could.  And in the interest of full disclosure I should say that I haven’t gone back and read any of it.  It might really, really suck.  But I am getting the work done, working toward that January 4th deadline.  I’m not sure yet that I’m going to make it, especially because I plan to take a few days off, starting this weekend, and then again around the holidays, but if I miss it, it won’t be by much.

More as it develops.

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