Push Polls Against Health Care Reform

March 17, 2010

I just received an automated call, which turned out to be a push poll sponsored by Americans in Contact PAC, and which used the voice of Michael Reagan, Ronald Reagan’s moron of a son (as opposed to Ron Reagan, who has turned out to be a pretty cool guy).  The poll was designed to rally older male voters against health care reform by focusing on abortion funding and by raising the specter of higher taxes.  I shouted “NO!” every time the poll’s authors clearly wanted me to say “yes,” and shouted “YES!” every time they wanted me to say “no.”  That was mildly satisfying.  I then tracked down AICPAC online so that I could call them and rant a bit.  But while Reagan’s voice gives the phone number at the end of the poll (too quickly for anyone to write it down or remember it) their site doesn’t give a contact number.  Probably smart on their part.

Things are heating up, people.  If you want to see health reform pass, make your voices heard.  Call your Congressional Representative and your Senators.  No, the bill isn’t perfect.  Far from it.  I’d love to see a public option and stronger restrictions on the insurance companies, but this is a start, and it needs to pass.  The notions of “starting from scratch” and taking an incremental approach are red herrings.  This process has gone on long enough.  Everyone has been heard from.  The GOP doesn’t want to start over; they want to kill any kind of reform.  A piecemeal approach can’t work.  You can’t, for instance, end denials of coverage for pre-existing conditions without mandating insurance for all.  Getting rid of the pre-existing conditions restrictions will send the cost of health insurance through the roof, unless it is offset by mandates that increase insurance subscribers.  The reform provisions work in concert, and they will, according to the CBO and every other independent analysis, lower costs for subscribers and lower budget deficits.

Now is the time.  Make the calls.  Make yourselves heard.


2 Responses to “Push Polls Against Health Care Reform”

  1. More1 said

    Several organizations are running push polls of this nature. The Michael Reagan one is from an organization called American’s in Contact PAC. There phone number is (202) 257-3721 but they are too afraid to answer their phone goes strait to a machine. Give them a call anyway.

    Another organization with a very persistent Push Poll is Family Research Council. Their number is (202) 225-4088 they will answer the phone and claim they will take your number off the list.

  2. davidbcoe said

    Thanks for the info, More!

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