GOP Antics

March 24, 2010

Two months ago, I thought that the GOP was poised to make huge gains in this year’s elections.  But with Republican House members shouting about how the health reform bill is a “baby killer”, with Tea Party activists using racial epithets against John Lewis and other African American Democrats and calling Barney Frank “a faggot”, and now with this, I don’t think so anymore.  No one overplays a hand like the GOP, and they are fast turning themselves (back) into laughingstocks.

Keep it up there, guys.  You’re making this easy for the rest of us….

One Response to “GOP Antics”

  1. kodyhackbusch said

    David, first off, congrats on Robin Hood! I hope its a huge success.

    I am stunned that the Republicans thing that their behavior is what the American people want. Do they really believe that they can win on negativity and fear in November? Please tell me no, I’d like to believe that we as a society are smarter than that.

    Also if you are interested check out my blog post on the new healthcare law and here

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